Montanita Brewing Company

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Montanita Brewing Company

Looking for a good beer in Ecuador? Look no further.

Welcome to the newest adventure on Montañita, Ecuador: Montañita Brewing Company. The first oceanfront microbrewery in Latin America.

 We make hand crafted beer (microbrew/cerveza artesanal), and Hard Ciders. We also serve home distilled american whisky, "sin chuchaki". Thats right, so pure, no hangover! 

The bar also provides great quality good with the freshest ingredients. We will have the best fish tacos south of Mexico, daily sushi, sashimi, and vegetarian Pogos.



The brewery resides at the Tres Palmas Beach Bar, right in front of the best point break in Ecuador. The beach bar is open for the high season of Montañita, between December and July. There will be tastings and special appearances throughout the low season at different businesses and restaurants.

There will be three beers on tap. A honey-wheat, Pale Ale, and a chocolate-coffee stout. (subject to change) We will be working with local farmers, organically, for the cacao, coffee, and honey. We will also be making seasonal, special beers on a monthly basis. 

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